Holiday renting your new Lanzarote home

Having now bought your overseas holiday bolt hole you may now want to earn an income from it.A large percentage of people that have bought an apartment or villa in Lanzarote do not use it all year round. For the majority of the time the property can lay vacant and unused.

This can be  negative in a few ways. A vacant home can be at higher risk from burglars. If there is a broken pipe or leak this can go unnoticed for a long time. Leaving a house closed up can leave a stale atmosphere or even damp. Lack of use for household amenities can cause issues with toilets drying up, drains blocking etc. A build up of post can also cause problems.

A good solution is to holiday rent. Some owners have difficulty allowing holiday makers into their properties whilst they are not around. The reasons for these are varied and many. They can come from a worry about damage they may cause, bad payments, theft or an uncomfortable sensation of strangers in their private space. Most of these issue can be overcome with a little planning and some good advice.

How to overcome your fears and put your property to work when you are not there.

One swift solution is to let the professionals take care of it. That is done by calling on a property rental company. Many of these can offer different levels of assistance to suit your requirements.
The full package can mean your home is totally cared for. All you have to do is lock away your private possessions. The company will carry out maintenance, decoration, cleaning and provide holiday rental clients. For this service you will pay a percentage of the income earned. Some fixed fees for non routine work would also be necessary.
Rental companies offer different levels of service. If you want to be able to take bookings yourself this is termed as ‘holding the diary’. The rental company will contact you before it can confirm any bookings to check for availability.
There will also be other packages, check with them for details.

For those able to put more effort in to increase earnings running the rentals yourself is an option.
You will need to find the bookings and organize the cleaning and maintenance. To get the bookings you will need to create a website of the property with some good photos and descriptions of all rooms, local and surrounding area. How to get to and from the airport instructions.
Now put the site on one of the many holiday rental websites out there and wait for the bookings to come in.
The crucial part of this way to rent is to have people nearby you can trust to clean the property after each holiday. Plus do any maintenance necessary.

Owning an apartment or villa in Lanzarote can not only allow you free holidays but also create an income via rentals. All the pieces of the jigsaw are out there is just takes a little patience and planning to put them all together.