New buying season gets underway

Summer is drawing to a close and the type of tourist in Lanzarote will be changing.

The single holiday a year package holiday tourists with little spare cash are going home in time for the end of the sch00l holidays. In their place the two, or more, holiday a year tourists and retirees will be arriving. This group have deeper coffers and an eye for a bargain property in the sun.

This is how the property buying cycle has been for many years in Lanzarote. The vast majority of property sales take place in Winter.

For those owners that want to sell now is the time to get your villa or apartment looking its best. Remember that is is very hard for potential buyers to see past that bad parts, on the contrary the worst and worn issues become the focus. The time is take so touch up any worn or tired looking paint work, put some throws over old sofas and have a good clean will be time well spent. The first impressions give the most impact, make sure they are good ones.

The hardest pill to swallow is selling your Lanzarote home at a realistic price for the current market. This could well be a lot lower than you may have planned on. If you want to sell you have to be in same price region other houses of a similar specification. Have a look around and see what the going rates are or ask us for a free valuation.